College Fraternities and Sororities

Going to college means entering a new chapter of being a student. College life is composed of activities and learning that are hugely different from high school. When we enter college, we always ask if we should join a fraternity or a sorority.

Fraternities and Sororities exist in many universities. Most people who are involved in this kind of organizations are college students and most of these fraternities and sororities have Greek letter names. Regarding our question of whether we should join a fraternity or sorority, my advice is to think of these few things first.

If you are entering fraternities and sororities because you feel like you have to, then you must think again. It is true that being a member of a fraternity and sorority can give you a lot of amazing experiences and you will also meet many people and make friendships that will last for the rest of your life, but sadly, many college fraternities and sororities have become a serious problem within the past few years in many campuses from all over the world.

These kind of school organizations have increased in numbers and have become well established under the eyes of the school authorities, who have suddenly realized that they are dealing with a force that is not easy to control and even less easy to remove from the environment of the school.

Fraternities and sororities need your loyalty and solidarity for the organization, so you need to balance you time for your studies and the fraternity or sorority’s activities. If this is something that sounds like it would be too much of a commitment for you, then you should think again and again if you really want to be a part of it.

Fraternities and sororities want people to be very dedicated to them so that if they will tell you the organization’s top secrets, they can rest assured that you will never let them down. Sometimes you may be forced into unhealthy binge drinking activities.

At the end of the day, the decision is still in your hands, but I want you to bear all these in mind. You must always remember that you don’t have to hurry things because college can be fun with or without these fraternities and sororities.

Enjoying University

We always find depressing news when we watch the news or check our social networking profile’s web feeds because, in the last few months, we have been saddened by the continuing cases of college students who are committing suicide because of the problems that they are going through.

College is a very complicated and very serious stage of teenagers’ lives as students because in this level, if you will not make good of your studies, there is a big possibility that all of your sacrifices will be for naught. In this part of our life we will also encounter many emotional changes, especially for those teens that are away from their families and friends.

For those students out there who are separated from their families, I know it is really difficult to be in a place where all you see are strangers. It is never easy to live in a dormitory especially when there is no one you trust and know, plus you have to budget your weekly allowance to sustain all your needs from food, drinks to books, wash your clothes because your mom is not there to do it for you, and the hardest part of all is that you can’t talk to anyone about how you feel because you are pretty sure that they would not understand you.

Many college students also experience persistent bullying because of their religious affiliations, sexual orientation, and more. Because of this many students are attempting suicide. Some of them become successful at doing it and many of them are saved because of schools’ counseling programs.

For those who are still unaware, suicide is the tenth leading cause of teenagers’ death in many places all over the world. Based on studies, females attempt suicide more than males at a rate of 3:1. The most common signs of a suicidal teen are obvious changes in behavior at home and in school, loss of interest in activities, changes in appearance, and extreme and unusual behavior and dialogue.

If you have encountered these signs from your friend or even yourself, it is better to let someone know, or share this with anyone who you trust and ask for help so you can save your friend, or even yourself.